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Scroll on to find Frequently Asked Questions, but also rest assured that after your inquiry from the contact page, we set up a phone call, you receive a welcome guide and have every opportunity to be fully informed before making your investment in quality photography.

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I've scheduled my session, what happens in case of inclement weather?

A: We keep an eye on things and reschedule if necessary! Weather dates will be provided with no additional charge within 7-21 days of your original date.

What happens if I need to reschedule outside of inclement weather?

A: Please let me know as soon as possible, no later than 48 hours in advance. Since I have blocked off time for your session, it is unlikely I can schedule another in your place to recuperate my time. Rescheduling (outside of weather reasons) will be accompanied with a $75 fee.


What if I need to cancel completely?

A: I'm so sorry to hear that! As outlined in your contract, $100 of the session fee is a non-refundable retainer that covers my time in all the preparation for your session and loss of session time slot for another client.

I hate being in front of the camera, how do I not look so stiff? 

For equine + canine photography, I will have you interacting with your animal a lot. This allows for genuine moments between you two, and also helps you both relax. I give basic posing pointers when we begin and direct your eyes, your hands, your stance throughout the shoot. I do not have you stare into the camera for 60 minutes straight.


Do I need to bring anyone with me?

Yes! I highly recommend it. Another person is a familiar face to help you relax and crack jokes, and is there to assist with clothing, animals, getting attentions, etc. 


Can I only buy Home Art/Albums of the digital images I purchased?

A: No, you can choose from ALL IMAGES taken during your session! For Example, maybe you download 12 digitals that are cute and fun, meanwhile, you purchase 3 wall art pieces with images that make a statement.

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