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Horse Photography: Wall Art for Your Home: Acrylic

Y'all. I am blown away! I've been researching and sampling wall art companies for my clients and I think I've found the one! This is an Acrylic wall art of a Black Background equine portrait described on my equine services page. Woof, it is fiiiiine! The unbelievable details are crisp and pure, and the wood box on the back lets the whole masterpiece float outward from the wall. The medium it's printed on + the clear acrylic covering allows for a vibrance from the image to shine through like no other medium. It's sleek and modern, with beautiful contrast in colors. If you're looking for that extra "pop" and wow-factor, an Acrylic print is the way to go for your beloved dog or horse photos.

How do you craft an Equine Black Background image?

To shoot an equine black background image, the horse stands at the edge of an arena or dark barn aisle, facing the light source. This allows for soft ambient light to fall on the horse's face and shoulders, and shadows to blanket the back and haunches. Out of camera, the image goes into Photoshop where any background distractions are eliminated and the entire image is cleaned and buffed to shine. From there, the high resolution quality allows it to be enlarged for wall art to enjoy in your home!

I don't know about you, but the little phone digitals just don't compare to the real deal! If you're interested to learn more about an Equine Portrait Session for your horse, contact me here.

All the best!


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