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Allie & Smokey | Boutique Equestrian Photography in Wisconsin | Forest Road Photography

Smokey is a new member of Allie's family and their first horse. It was so fun to document their early days together, and I can't wait to see where they go! Horse ownership is a total lifestyle change, but as someone who got into horses at age 9 and was expected to care for them at home on our own property, I can tell you it makes young girls independent, capable and mature, not to mention very proud of their abilities and bond with their horse. Who needs boys? Not an 11 y.o. with a stall to clean and a tail to brush!

As part of every session, I meet with clients over google meet to enjoy their gallery reveal, just like the one above. Something about pictures being set to music makes the experience all the more memorable.

Do you have a new horse? Cell phone pix are great, but nothing tops documenting your early days together like a professional horse photography session! You know where to find me!


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