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Hello! I'm Jess, and I'm so glad you're here!

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. Let me break the ice by saying: I don't do small talk. Haha. I am a class A Introvert, and that means I want to talk about the things that matter, right off the bat. And you're probably here because you have something or someone in your life that matters a whole great deal to you, and you're kinda-maybe-thinking-its-time to make sure you slow down and celebrate this awesome other. I can honestly say, you'll be so glad you quit putting it off. Here's how I know:


A huge part of my life has been filled by wonderful connections with horses and dogs; they're your best friend, your training buddy, your teammate. Sometimes they're your crazy and sometimes they're your peace. For me, growing up as a horse girl forever shaped who I am and the path I have chosen in life, all for the absolute best. It taught me hard work, perseverance and patience, and how to see the fruits of your labor when show day comes and you get to show the world what you and your pony (or dog!) can do!

Horse people and dog people, we're maybe a little weird to the outside world.  We happily spend our funds on our animals--they deserve the best, right? All while (probably and usually) denying ourselves. Our horse needs the massage, not us, no, we're fiiiine! But there is one thing I want you to do for yourself: I want you to have something that brings back the sweetness of your crazy, fun-filled days at the barn, and maybe let's a little nostalgia creep in, in the most wholesome way, reminding you to cherish this amazing life we have and the proverbial angels we call our "pets". Enter: Photography.


 The best thing about photos is that they grow more, not less, valuable with time, unlike so many other things we spend our money on. It can feel like pictures are a penny-a-piece since we have a phone in our pocket. My first declaration to you, as a newly minted friend, is to get your pictures off your phone and into a yearly album of some sort. I've made a number of albums over the years and let me tell you, when I was putting them together, they felt like  really hard work! And in the moment it felt like a lot of work and time. But you know what? Now those albums are ten years or older and...I'm really glad I have them because there's so much I would have forgotten! 



Now my next point can be summed up in one question: How many of your photos actually include you? And not just part of you, a la selfie style? (Okay, that was two questions.) ​It's time. You're beautiful enough, fit enough, young enough, old enough, you are all of the "enoughs" look amazing in professional photos of yourself and your beloved animal. Here's how I can help:

I offer full-service photography which means I'm with you every step of the way. You're more than able to be prepared on your own, but you don' have time to make checklists and plan for a photo session by yourself. You need a few tools to guide you along the way so you feel prepared and comfortable in front of the camera before I even show up. I got you. We plan together for outfits, location, and animal prep so by the time of your session, you're already feeling confident.


When I arrive, I don't come at you with the camera lens. We chat, I get to know your horse or dog, I take a look around for some good locations. Mostly, I just want you to feel at ease and like you're hanging out with a friend.  You won't be staring into the camera for sixty minutes straight, I promise. We hang out, gush about our pets and love on your equine or canine!  I give direction on posing, where to position your eyes, the works, and share some sneak peeks right then and there so you don't just have to take my word for it when I'm yelling  "money shot!!" I know what it feels like to be on the other side of the lens (read this humorous husband-wife exchange here), and I will never leave you hanging, wondering if any of the photos are going to turn out. This session is about you, and I care about how the whole experience feels along the way.


  A few weeks later, you receive your sensational slide show of images, set to just-right music, and honestly, keep some tissues nearby. Because at the end of the day, it's not just a photo, it's what that photo represents. Hours, Days, Years of hard work, joys, sorrows, the highs and the lows, all come flooding back when you get to view your images. It is the most wonderful feeling and a special honor for me, to be able to take something you already cherish so deeply and give it back to you in the form of photography. 






Fun facts:

Jericho, my horse and I ride jumpers. He's kind of a big dog and I love him dearly. He can be as chill as can be one day, and, well, the next,
sigh, very high spirited. I have a few gray hairs.

My husband and I train our Border Collie, Ralph, in agility. Ralph lights up our lives and is Mr. go-go-go! Send caffeine.
Home is my favorite place to be. The barn would be my second favorite! Generally, I find it's too "people-y" out there, so I prefer to hunker down in one of these two locations.
My guilty pleasure (jk, I feel zero guilt about it) is dark chocolate & Pinot Grigio--try them together! 
I've traveled to a number of countries, my favorite being Switzerland for their chocolate, cheese, and mountains!





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Reedsburg, Wisconsin


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