C A N I N E  S P O R T  &  P O R T R A I T   

"Your dog thinks every day is the best day of his life. It wouldn't hurt to live with that mentality."

 Dogs bring so much to our lives--unconditional love, optimism and a bouncing, infectious energy. Celebrate your pooch with images that capture his personality and spirit to warm your heart every time you see them.  

Let's face it, your dog is a member of your family, and possibly your favorite one! Capture your shared bond in photographic form to cherish always.

All Canine Sessions take place around the Scenic Baraboo area. Images include action shots + posed, with leash edit-out options. For up to 2 dogs + 2 people.

Please Inquire to receive the full Canine Photography Session Guide. 
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Reedsburg, Wisconsin