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Heirloom Equestrian Photo Album | Wisconsin Horse Photographer

Pull it off the shelf and enjoy the best days with your horse, year after year!

Elizabeth got her Horse & Rider Photography Session on the calendar and knew even before we began that she wanted a beautiful album filled with images of herself & her beloved James. After her gallery image reveal she was able to select her favorties and let me get started on the design.

There are four vintage leather covers to choose from, each a velvety, buttery soft texture to the touch. Images are displayed on thick, sturdy lay-flat pages with amazingly crisp detail. This is a coffee table style book that you'll be delighted to show off to guests or quietly look through as you travel down memory lane years from now.

Elizabeth and I hopped on a phone call in front of the computer where I was able to share the album proof with her to go over details before ordering. We discussed things like image placement, ensuring images that she enjoyed most got their spotlight in large format and, perhaps most importantly, decided on what names/titles to emboss on the cover.

The result was a gorgeous keepsake and in Elizabeth's own words: "Oh my goodness it's beautiful!!!! The details in each of the pictures are breathtaking and I love the feel of the cover."

Overall, I was so pleased to provide a momento that a fellow equestrian will cherish for year and years to come. I am passionate about bringing photography to life in home art format to be enjoyed off-screen. There's much more connection and memory-awakening when we experience photos of our loved ones & animals in the physical vs. digital realm. Physical framed pictures and albums don't get lost on hard drives, don't require a "wait, let me find the one photo..." as you pull out your tiny cell phone screen. Place your album somewhere you can proudly show it off, hang your frames in your favorite spaces, and enjoy all of the hard work you've put into this equestrian lifestyle. Future you says 'thank you.'

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