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Ralph, the terror on four legs.

Just kidding, he's a cool little guy. His puppy eyes and ears are pretty irresistible, I mean look at 'em! My husband and I picked Ralph up right before Christmas and it has been puppy-training-central around here since. If I'm honest, I'm slightly exhausted :-) Sleep, play, eat, pee, sleep, eat, play, pee, and so forth goes Ralph's day. We're just along for the ride! Ralph is a purebred Border Collie, and he's a total mama's boy already. There's a constant scampering of feet trailing me everywhere, if I let him. It feels special when an animal picks you to be their person. I can't wait to grow our bond through training and fun experiences in the outdoors. We're blessed to live right by woods trails and a small lake and I'm already itching for summer days. Slow down girl, winter quite literally just got here! Anyways, I thought I'd kick things off with introducing my little partner in crime. We're officially dog people! Send help!



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