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WSHC-Equine Foundation Winter Fun Day 2023

A day of learning about sleighs, equine + canine sports and more! Find out more about WSHC here.

Come along and enjoy some of the scenery below!

The event took place at Springbrook Events in Burnett, Wi. Springbrook is a lovely acreage with woods, cabins, a refurbished event barn, chapel and more! It was entirely scenic and I enjoyed every minute of it! I did forget my sunglasses and with the glorious sunshine + fresh snow, I think I burned my retina (I'm fiiiine). But as I 've said, I was having too much fun to notice.

It was fun chatting with the various exhibitors and meeting their horses + dogs. We found out we had some common acquaintances, just further proving how small the horse world is.

The Alaskan Malamute Club of Wisconsin had items on display and even some sled dogs running. A curious little friend I made (thanks Tucker!) found out for us that Malamutes are the heavy-duty pullers while huskies are the speed sled dogs. Malamutes are beefy and able to haul hundreds to thousands of pounds!

The bobsled rides took you over a little bridge, through the gates and up into the woods. I strolled along, getting some great images while enjoying the serenity of the property. I'm sure the bobsled drivers were wondering how many photos I actually needed (the answer is: All, I need ALL the photos.) As you can see, though, they were great sports :-)

All the Christmas Card vibes!

The Springbrook property boasts multiple cabins and their own Swans, along with Donald the Duck (not pictured).

Grim was a salty little pony who merrily cruised about.

I can't decide, but this might be my favorite image from the day. It makes me feel like I've taken a step back in time, and I love when something--a photo, a book, a show, can make me do that. Thank you to all of the exhibitors, for WSHC for putting the event on, and for everyone who came out for an old fashioned fun winter day!

We're getting some fresh powder soon--are you looking for dreamy winterscapes of your horses or dogs for next year's Christmas cards? Find me here and let's see what we can set up!

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Don't let the snow dissuade you, prime photography season will be here before you know it, book ahead to ensure your photo session during your favorite season!

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Stay safe, all the best,


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