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Home Art: Metal Prints

Metal prints give your image a life-like depth and dimension. Images are printed on high-quality aluminum

for an impressive display that stands the test of time. Arrives ready to display. White Base Metal Prints take your bright, vivid colors to the next level, particularly for horse or dog photography. Your choice of high gloss or matte finish.

High gloss makes the image pop with vibrant colors.

Matte gives an opaque appearance with minimal glare.

Even in black and white, I love this metal print. It is a 16x24 size. I personally enjoy a medium sized print like this because it allows you to just view and take in the details, not having to squint or move closer to get the full impact of the image. When ordering your art, I recommend starting at a 16x20 size. I've been rather disappointed by the standard 8x10s after having a larger print like the one in the video. And it's not because I'm blind, I swear! It's just enjoyable to see the image in all of its detail and beauty with an easy glance.

Metal prints are my personal second choice after Acrylics!

What do you think? More product offerings can be found here!


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