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3 Mistakes to Avoid when Preparing for your Photography Session | Horse Photography in Wisconsin

These are no-brainers, right? Well maybe not when you've got a lot on your to-do list before your photo session!

1. You've left everything to the last minute.

I guarantee you’re not going to enjoy your session very much if you don’t feel well-rested, and prepared with all your to-go-bag items and a gleaming horse. Make sure you thoroughly read your prep guide and have a game plan of what day you're accomplishing which task. If you’re a procrastinator, maybe ask a friend to be your interventionist! Check out some more ways to prepare ahead of time here.

2. Your horse is hungry.

I get hangry myself, so asking your 1200 lb toddler to “say cheese” on an empty stomach when there’s a feast of fresh grass ripe for the taking underfoot, is a recipe for disaster my friend. Make sure he has some hay in a stall that he's had time to devour before your session start time. Oh and, will you be hungry, too? Pack a snack!

3. Your horse is anxious because he’s had zero exercise all day.

We’re asking a lot of our horses to stand still, pay attention, and ultimately forgo their usual desires for the sake of photos—something they have no idea about. Do yourself and your horse a favor and make sure he’s exercised that day. Could your trainer rider him that afternoon? Can you or a friend lunge him before bath time? Get the zoomies out!

It's amazing what goes out the window when you're a little nervous for the day, but follow your prep guide to a T and make a plan so your horse photography session can be stress free!

All the best!

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