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3 Strategies for a Stress-Free Horse Photography Session | Horse Photography in Wisconsin

What’s tricky about an equine photography session is you have to get yourself and a 1200 lb toddler both looking glorious. The problem is that the toddler does not, I repeat, does not care whether his braids come out or he slops through a mud puddle. Here are a few strategies to help in preparing for your session.

Let's hope this isn't you. But if it is, I'll get it on camera :D

1. Split up your horse and tack prep.

The last thing you want to feel like is flustered and in a hurry for when your photographer shows up. I suggest cleaning your tack the day before the shoot so that’s checked off the list. See what else you can do the day beforehand. For example, could you wash, condition and comb your horse’s tail and keep it in a tail bag the day before? What else could you day the day beforehand?

2. Get a little help from friends.

I always ask that there be at minimum of one helper on hand. It’s so great to have another person to get the horse’s attention, but it’s also fun if they’re a friend who we can laugh and joke with to keep things casual and your stress levels down. Could this friend also finish up your horses braids while you go get dressed? If you can delegate anything, you definitely should! Besides, you’ll be the helper for your friend when it’s their turn for a session, right?

3. Pack ahead of time

In keeping with the plan to be as low-stress as possible…

In your prep-guide you’ll receive a list of items to have on hand during your session. Pack a to-go bag a day or two in advance so you can just forget about those little details the day of. Save yourself the brain power. Some items in your to-go bag:

1. Cloth for horse snot, boogers, etc

2. Baby oil, powder

3. Hair spray

4. Water for you!

5. Comfortable walking shoes

6. Your extra outfits

7. maaaybe a few treats

+full list in your prep guide!

There you have it, a few tips to a stress-free equine session! The key is in the planning and spacing out the jobs. My lists provided in your prep-guide will ensure you’re totally prepared when the day of your session arrives! I’ve got you covered, don’t you worry!


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