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Home Art: Lay-Flat Albums in Vintage Leather for Equestrians




Having one place to hold all of your favorite memories is priceless. Out of the box, the feel of these vintage leather albums with their thick pages and brilliant color rendition have enough wow-factor to renew your joy every time you flip through them!

Albums are available to all clients: Canine, Equine and Senior. Sit back and enjoy!



Albums come in your choice of one of four leather colors, and an elegant name embossing on the cover. Corners can be customized to be either square or round. You'll find, like a fine wine, it will grow even better with time!

Lay-flat pages allow for brilliantly large images and uninterrupted spreads.

Pull it off the shelf, year after year, and it'll feel like these days are never too far away.



Ready to get yours? I guarantee you'll be tickled when you receive it!

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